Self Regulating Plant Watering System

Self Regulating Plant Watering System

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Mr. Evergreen is a unique self-regulating watering system that supplies only the water your plants need. Wet soil creates a sealed vacuum flow to stop. Dry soil allows air to break the vacuum and release enough water to supply your plant's needs.


Potted Plants:

  1. Water plants thoroughly before using Mr. Evergreen.
  2. Fill a plastic soda bottle with water and attach Mr. EverGreen.
  3. Turn spike side down over sink until the water stops flowing, do not squeeze the bottle.If water does not stop, tighten the screw cap.
  4. Hold spike and push into soil next to plant until the cap touches the soil. Gently squeeze the bottle to begin watering process.

For use indoors and outdoors

Works with any standard sized plastic soft drink bottle (use a 2-Liter bottle to add water capacity for outdoor plants).