Hori Hori Sheath
Hori Hori Sheath

Hori Hori Sheath

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The Hori-Hori is a multipurpose tool that is made of of High Carbon Chrome Molybdenum Steel known for its strength and corrosion resistance. Blade is 7" long by 1 3/4" wide, double riveted into a hardwood handle with hole for lanyard or hanging on a nail in the wall. Blade is 1/8" thick and slightly cupped for added strength against bending, and to hold a load of soil, trowel-like, with less chance of spilling. Comes "factory sharp" and can be sharpened further with grinding wheel or file. Comes with plastic sheath - and a leather scabbard is optional.

- Loved by Master gardeners.
- Staff at public gardens use them.
- Home gardeners are starting to discover the many uses of the Hori-Hori
Your neighbors who garden will envy you!