Multiple Egg Shell Peeler

Multiple Egg Shell Peeler

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Shake N' Peel

Peel up to 5 eggs at once in under 10 seconds!

Frustrated peeling Hard-boiled eggs?

EGG STRIPPER® by GRANIA® is the solution! The simple, egg-shaped design made of BPA-free crystal-clear plastic, uses a bit of water and over 100 specially engineered built-in nodules to loosen and remove the egg shells by simply placing the eggs inside it and shaking the  EGG STRIPPER® in your hands for a few seconds.

  • Convenient opening in the middle for easy, no mess access to remove eggs.
  • Use the container to store up to 10 peeled eggs in the fridge.
  • Save storage space by flipping the lid upside down into the base.
  • Dishwasher safe-top rack

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